Quotes & implicit answers

Osho: "Parapsychologists are interested that when a person goes backwards and remenbers past lives, many of his sicknesses, psychological tensions, anxieties which he has carried, disappear. They belong to his past lives, and unless you go to the very roots you cannot cut the tree. Parapsychology is going to be of great importance in the future When psychoanalysis and psychology are dead, parapsychology will be of immense help to humanity."

Patanjali: Prati-Prasav, pastlife regression of the ancients
"The whole philosophy of karma is that you are responsible. That is the method of Patanjali's prati-prasav; how to move from the effect to the cause. You will find many wounds in you which hurt, and because of these wounds you feel sad; they are sad. How does it heal? What is the phenomenon implied in it? Because a wound is created by unconsciousness, unawareness. When you consciously go backwards and look at the wound, consciousness is a healing force."

Osho on superconscious treasures: "Just as the unconsciousnes collects all that is ugly, nightmarish, in the same way the superconsciousnes collects all that is beautiful, magnificent, spiritual. One comes only with the conscious part of the mind, and the whole journey starts again - although what has been experienced before is retained and will be helpful. So in hypnosis it can happen: if your unconscious is less powerful than your superconsciousnes, then in hypnosis you will go towards the superconsciousnes and you will enter into these treasures. So both are possible: you just have to look at the quality of the memory. If it is ecstatic, meditative, then rejoice in it: it is connecting you with past lives of meditation, where you stopped because of death. From there you can grow. Suddenly you have found a treasure to support you. But if it is only from the unconscious, then just become conscious and it will disappear."

Buddha, Mahavir: Jati smaran, past lives are in the heart
All the disciples of Buddha and Mahavir had to pass through jati smaran, through the memory of past lives. Today it has become very difficult. Difficult, because the head has become very heavy. So if you want to remember past lives -- and it is a great experience, very revealing and very liberating -- you will have to live for a few months and years a very simple-hearted life... the life of feelings. Don't allow your thinking to dominate you; let feeling balance it. Don't allow logic to be dictatorial; let love decide. And by and by you will see the ways of the heart are very simple. And they are always single in purpose.